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All Applicants will have to pass a drug test and background screening.

Project Superintendent:
To qualify you must have at least three years experience in interior buildouts and be able to coordinate and schedule subcontractors. Some ground up experience is preferred. Applicant must be able to read blue prints and supervise all phases of construction. He must be able to lay-out and check walls, doors and framing. Has a working knowledge of City Inspections and works closely with the inspectors to insure compliance and quality of work. Duties will include checking chain dimensions on the drawings and verifying that they match the space that the work is to be performed. Keeping the work area clean by insuring that the subcontractors clean-up daily. He needs to have some computer skills and knowledge of email. Applicant will be able to address conflicts with the plans in the form of RFI's and to work closely with the Architect to achieve the desired finish products. He will keep a daily log and up-to-date "As Built Drawings" on site. Will be able to control cost overruns and maintain the budget given at the start of the project. Be able to complete a punch list in a timely manner and insure quality of work. Do weekly safety meetings and insure a safe work place.
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